Small Business rebates that are filled to the brim with savings.

Cut energy costs and become more energy efficient with SRP rebates for smart thermostats, high-efficiency HVAC motors, LED lighting upgrades and more.

Inefficient lighting and cooling can make up a significant portion of your electric costs. SRP makes it easy and affordable to upgrade to energy-efficient equipment. Upgraded lighting alone can save the average business hundreds on energy costs, and the average payback period is less than a year.

Please note: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there could be delays in the processing and/or distribution of rebates.

What can I get rebates for?

SRP business customers can receive a no-cost energy assessment ($125 value) and discounts that cover 25%-75%* of the costs for new energy-efficient equipment, including:

Smart thermostats

Receive up to $250 toward an eligible smart thermostat upgrade, or up to $400 when you pair it with a lighting upgrade project with a total reduction of 400 watts. Smart thermostats can automatically adjust temperature settings based on the time of day and day of week, using significantly less energy. This can help you save up to 15% a year in heating and cooling costs.

Lighting upgrades

Enjoy improved comfort, less maintenance and bright savings by upgrading to efficient lighting technologies, including LED fixtures and lamps (ENERGY STAR® or DesignLight™ Consortium approved); LED exit signs; and wall, ceiling-mounted and integrated occupancy sensors, vacancy sensors and daylighting controls. These simple LED upgrades can help your business save 50% on lighting costs.

HVAC equipment and maintenance

Cool off with additional HVAC component upgrades including high-efficiency motors and outside air economizers. You can also take advantage of maintenance incentives to help ensure optimal performance of your AC units. Maintenance activities include coil cleanings, refrigerant charges and outside air economizer repairs.

For eligible price plans, expenses, limitations, exclusions and other program requirements, refer to the program manual .

*Savings are based on the typical costs to upgrade, and can differ based on product selection and vendor.

Do I qualify?

If you're on the E-32, E-34, E-36, E-47 or E-48 price plans and use less than 145,000 kilowatt-hours a year across all accounts, you're eligible. Your facility must also meet the following criteria:

  • Was built prior to 2017 or originally built for a different end use.
  • Hasn't had a lighting system upgrade within the past four years.
  • Doesn’t already have a smart/Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat.
  • Has been occupied by the same account holder for a full 12 months.

If you do not meet these criteria, you may still qualify for lighting rebates through SRP's standard rebate program.

How to get the rebate

Ready to improve your business and lock in your rebate? You're just a few simple steps away. If you have questions, call us at (602) 236-3054 or email us at

  1. Create an SRP Rebate Center account . You will need to have your SRP account number, billing zip code and a valid email address.
  2. Select a Small Business Solutions Alliance contractor who will coordinate with approved customers to schedule an audit of the facility's lighting system.
  3. Review the no-cost assessment results, which will identify your discounted price and estimated savings.
  4. Contract with the Small Business Solutions Alliance contractor for the purchase and installation of qualified lighting equipment or HVAC controls at the discounted price.

Small Business Solutions Alliance contractors

As a convenience to customers, SRP provides a list of contractors, distributors, manufacturers and other organizations who may assist customers with SRP programs. Alliance Participants are independent contractors with respect to the program, and Alliance Participants are not authorized to make representations or incur obligations on behalf of SRP.

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